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Race Back in Time!

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Broc Martin captures 1st win at Wayne County

Broc Martin captures 1st win at Wayne County

By Mike Swanger

It looked like it was going to be a run away win for Brad Haudenschild in the Fisher Performance Sprint feature but Lady Luck was not riding with Haudenschild on this night. He would build up more than a straightaway margin over the field as Wooster’s Broc Martin, Jimmy Colvin, Danny Mumaw and Jordan Ryan dueled for second. Mumaw would drop with mechanical problems on lap 14 as T J Michael now moved into top five contention. A lap 21 caution for Clay Riney would slow the action and during the caution, Haudenschild’s right rear tire started to lose pressure and as the green waved again, Haudenschild could not hang on to the lead as he would go to the pits with Martin inheriting the lead. Pulling away from the pack, Martin would put the Santmyer Oil, Orrville Trucking and Jim Smith Enterprises #83 into the WCS winners circle for the first time this season. Michael would outmaneuver Ryan on the last restart to take second with Shawn Hubler scoring a fourth as Nick Patterson started 15th and filled out the top five. Colvin and Haudenschild would be the heat winners. Jac Haudenschild would flip in the first heat race and did not start the feature.

The Aamco Transmission Super Stocks would chase after a $1,000 to win 20 lap main and Canton’s Paul Holmes would start on the pole with his #68 and the first half of the race would have Nick Smith hounding him. Following a lap 10 caution, Smith would drop from the field on the restart with Chase Alexander taking a short lived second place as 14th starting Tyler Thompson moved in to challenge Holmes for the top position. Tony Cline, Don Baney, Bob Daugherty and Brandon Craver were tightly bunched as they ran for top five contention. With two circuits to go, Thompson began to fade as Alexander returned to second but Holmes had pulled away to secure his second win of the year. Baney held off Daugherty for third as Cline, in his 1st race of the year, finished fifth. Smith and Alexander topped the heat races.

Rick Mardis would out race Justin Chance into turn one and take the lead of the Harriger Towing Rush Late Model main but points leader Charlie Duncan would take over the top spot on lap three as Mardis would spin on that lap to bring out the yellow. Markham would now be second and on the double file restart, heat winner Duncan elected to start to the outside and when the green flag waved, Markham squeezed into the lead and then led the rest of the way for his second win in a row and third of the season aboard the Ashland based H & T Demolition, Cool It ThermoTec and Rocket Chassis #5m. Duncan finished second as Mardis recovered for third with Chance and Hiram Bachmann rounded out the top five.

The WQKT Mini Stock feature was a physical beat and bang race that saw 1st heat winner Stephen Crowe upside down and early race leaders Chris Priebe and Jerry Adkins leaning on each other, Michael Workman, of Shreve, quietly worked his way through the field from his 9th starting position, took the lead from Adkins with five laps to go and put the JD Empire Trucking and S&M Motorsports #41w into victory circle for the sixth time in seven weeks. Adkins finished second as Greg Thompson was third followed by Nova Martin and Kevin Markey. Adkins and Thompson also picked up heat wins.

Scott Delaney started at the rear of the Flat Track Cart feature but it only took him six laps to get to the front of the field to score his sixth win of the season. Jamie Johnson, Dan Delaney, Chuck Conway and Jason King filled out the top five as Steve Reed posted the heat win.

Billy Dawson led all the laps in the heat race and the feature for his seventh Mini Wedge feature win of the year. Driving the Harriger Towing, Billy B Enterprises and Amsoil #7b, the Lakeville youngster was followed by Donnie Danley, Braxton Wilson, Logan Duncan and Brooklyn Wilson.

The Contingency Connection Awards were again handed out as nearly $100,000 of yearly awards from many national companies are given away weekly at WCS.

Next Saturday night, August 29 will be Season Championship night as all class’ will be running for double points as the points races wrap up.

Remember to check out the tracks website at www.waynecountyspeedway.com


Saturday, August 22, 2015


Heat 1 Brad Malcuit, Larry Kingseed, Matt Irey, Kirk Baker, Jerry Aber, Larry Bellman, Kyle Moore, Josh Haynes

Heat 2 Doug Drown, Cody Scott, DJ Cline, Ben Mott, Jason Hinton, Randy Davis, George Lee, Shane Campbell

Heat 3 Ryan Markham, Lauren Longbrake, Michael Davis, Vic Hottinger, Jim Nicely, Ricky Holderbaum, Rick Armstrong

Feature Doug Drown, Ryan Markham, Larry Kingseed, Lauren Longbrake, Brad Malcuit, Michael Davis, Matt Irey, Kyle Moore, DJ Cline, Cody Scott, Larry Bellman, Kirk Baker, Vic Hottinger, Josh Haynes, Shane Campbell, Randy Davis, George Lee, Jim Nicely, Ricky Holderbaum, Jerry Aber, Ben Mott, Jason Hinton, Rick Armstrong dns


Heat 1 Jimmy Colvin, Danny Mumaw, Broc Martin, Jordan James, Kirk Jeffries, George Prosser, Jac Haudenschild, Mitch Harble, Nick Patterson

Heat 2 Brad Haudenschild, Shawn Hubler, Jordan Ryan, Russ Sansosti, TJ Michael, Clay Riney, Shawn Minor, Aaron Fry, Troy Kingan, Pete Grove

Feature Broc Martin, TJ Michael, Jordan Ryan, Shawn Hubler, Nick Patterson, Mitch Harble, Russ Sansosti, Jimmy Colvin, Kirk Jeffries, Jordan Harble, Brad Haudenschild, Shawn Minor, Aaron Fry, Clay Riney, Danny Mumaw, Pete Grove, Jac Haudenschild dns, George Prosser dns, Troy Kingan dns


Heat 1 Nick Smith, Tyler Nicely, Tony Cline, Dustin Daugherty, Dennis Amstutz, Bob Daugherty, Frank Oriti, Brad Eagle, Todd Gallion dns, Bob Fry dns

Heat 2 Chase Alexander, Paul Holmes, Don Baney, Brandon Craver, Goob Grogg, Chris Albright, Paul McVicker, Tyler Thompson, Paul Kern, Rory Reed, #21g

Feature Paul Holmes, Chase Alexander, Don Baney, Bob Daugherty, Brandon Craver, Brad Eagle, Paul McVicker, Dennis Amstutz, #21g, Tyler Nicely, Goob Grogg, Tyler Thompson, Frank Oriti, Paul Kern, Nick Smith, Dustin Daugherty, Todd Gallion, Chris Albright, Bob Fry dns, Rory Reed dns


Heat 1 Charlie Duncan, Hiram Bachmann, Rick Mardis, Justin Chance, Ryan Markham, Paul Harriger, Louis Alan, Mitch Basich, Cody Endlich, Jim Nicely, Brandon Perkins

Feature Ryan Markham, Charlie Duncan, Rick Mardis, Justin Chance, Hiram Bachmann, Paul Harriger, Mitch Basich, Louis Alan, Brandon Perkins, Jim Nicely, Cody Endlich dns


Heat 1 Stephen Crowe, Trae Schonauer, Nova Martin, Doug Hensel, Caleb Spencer, Jim Burns, David Keagy, Wes Staley

Heat 2 Jerry Adkins, Casey Butler, John St. James, John Mackey, Rick Bays, Neal Wert, Gary Hensel Jr., Dustin Rager dns

Heat 3 Greg Thompson, Chris Priebe, Michael Workman, Mitch Reichard, Kevin Markey, Lester Berry, Brad Workman, Billy Parsons

Feature Michael Workman, Jerry Adkins, Greg Thompson, Nova Martin, Kevin Markey, Wes Staley, Trae Schonauer, Casey Butler, Mitch Reichard, Caleb Spencer, Lester Berry, John Mackey, Neal Wert, Doug Hensel, Jim Burns, Gary Hensel Jr., Chris Priebe, Rick Bays, Stephen Crowe, Elliot Robinson, Brad Workman, David Keagy dns, Dustin Rager dns, Billy Parsons dns


Heat 1 Steve Reed, Dan Delaney, Chuck Conway, Jamie Johnson, Jason King, Ethan Delaney, Ryan Boak, Zach Myers, Justin Chance, Scott Delaney dns

Feature Scott Delaney, Jamie Johnson, Dan Delaney, Chuck Conway, Jason King, Zach Myers, Ethan Delaney, Ryan Boak, Justin Chance, Steve Reed


Heat 1 Billy Dawson, Donnie Danley, Braxton Wilson, Evan Large, Logan Duncan, Brooklyn Wilson, Connor Hess, Austin Pyle, Jolene Voshel, Reese Bollinger

Feature Billy Dawson, Donnie Danley, Braxton Wilson, Logan Duncan, Brooklyn Wilson, Reese Bollinger, Jolene Voshel, Evan Large, Connor Hess, Austin Pyle